Friday, May 22, 2009

Here, There and Everywhere.....

My, keeping a blog can fall behind quite easily.....
Here's a quick look at the past month to try and get us caught up to present date.
Our Spey clinic with instructor Aaron Goodis went fabulous!
Day one's group paying close attention to Aaron's demo.
Taking a break and getting ready to enjoy a BBQ lunch.
Even Colby had to take a lunch break.
The crew.
After a full weekend of Spey casting on the river, a day of fishing in a nearby interior lake was starting to sound pretty darn good....
The weather had been hot and there was rumor of the lakes icing off.  So I packed my Spratley and chironomid box, excited to spend the day with my best friend; a man that has been by my side through and through, Matt Moisley.
Matt is quite possibly the most unbelievable still water angler I have ever met.  If you see this guy on the water, pay close attention.  You may just learn a thing or two.....
Yup....This one goes waaayyy back.
First lake of the season!
C'mon girl, you can do it!
The fishing was surprisingly good (though it was more of a quantity vs. quality sort of day).
Cute little guy.....
The chironomid buffet.
Another feisty bow.
Wow.  Such a loser.
>From here, it was off to Oklahoma (don't ask).  It wasn't in my plans to do any fishing while I was there, but when offered the opportunity to slay some large mouth in a small pond, you know I couldn't resist!
Poppers and hooker boots, I was supposed to be going out for dinner, so it's fair to say that I wasn't dressed for the occasion.  Damn near fell out of the boat trying to land this one!1guiding-adam-visit-017-1
Large Mouth on a popper.  What a blast!  (Randy Imel photo)
>From here it was off to Terrace to try our luck at some steel and fresh chrome.
My dear friend Andrea had never caught a steelhead before and I just had to pop her cherry, so I invited her along to join me for the sixteen hour drive.
We laughed and sang the whole way up North, eager to hang out with good friend Rob Vodola who lived close by to the Kitimat river.
Rob's one of those guys who'll put a smile on your face even when you feel like drowning the rest the world.
The fishing ended up being incredibly slow, but the entertainment was anything but that.  Andrea ended up getting her first steelhead, and though it wasn't on the fly rod, it made my trip!
Bringing a whole new meaning to 'Fly Gal'.  This is what 16 hours of highway will bring ya....(April Vokey photo).
Loading up!
Mission accomplished!  (Noel Gyger photo)
Rob working the jet (April Vokey photo).
Ummmm, I think somebody stole my spot.  (Rob Vodola photo)
(April Vokey photo)
So I gave BC a quick kiss goodbye and hopped on a flight to.....Arkansas!
I'm still currently hangin' in Deliverance country and must admit that it is quite intriguing!  Armadillos, boars, tarantulas, ticks (never did I think I would have to endure nightly checks for ticks!), and road kill decorating the highways like no state I have ever seen.....
There's more to come on this, as I have a feeling I'll be kicking it here for most of my summer.
An Arkansas trout.
A little critter I rescued from the roadkill central highway and placed out of harms way (April Vokey photo).
So, there you have it.  Caught up with this blogging thing!  Stay tuned for some new updates, opinions and adventures.
Squeal like a pig!