Friday, May 8, 2009

A Shout Out!

It wouldn’t be right of me to have a blog for fly gals, and not give a shout out to some true fly gals!
K8 rocking the fish dance (Michael Davidchik photo).
I’ll name but a few, make sure you check out their sites!
I remember the first time I met my girlfriend Kate (aka K8). I was beat and trying desperately to get a classic fly finished when her loud laugh shook me up. “Who wants a Caesar!?” She was just in from off the water and was ready to bust out the vodka.
For the past three years I had made the Hilltop Hostel in Spence’s Bridge my home while fishing the Thompson River in below zero temperatures. Another female presence was rare, and though she was welcome, she startled the hell out of me and several other guys around the tying table.
Kate soon proved that like the rest of us, she was crazy about fishing. Not casting, or meeting guys, or any of the lame garbage that one too many people use fishing as an excuse for; nope, Kate simply loved to fish.
K8 in Alaska
It didn’t take long for me to decide that this was a gal I sincerely wanted to be a part of both my fishing crew and my life.
Kate had started a site called ‘Rogue Angels’. The site was pimped and truly devoted to the bad-ass female anglers who braved harsh weather conditions and equally harsh scrutiny. I loved it.
Yeah, Kate had me at “Whew, tough fishing out there…”
Check out Rogue Angels
Then there’s Ade. Adrienne and I go way back. As girly as they come, Adrienne won my heart when I met her working the counter at Michael and Young Fly Shop. She had the cutest giggle, the slightest lisp, and the most absurd collection of fishing hats I had ever seen! Ade was a breath of fresh air in a male dominated sport, so I suppose it was only natural that we’d exchange numbers with the intent of wetting a line together.
Adrienne on the lake.
We spent days laughing, crying and jumping up and down like school girls on the river bank. We were a team, and a fierce one at that. To write about Ms. Comeau would take hours so I’ll let her tell you her story in her own words… Check out her blog at
Last but not least, there’s my girl Hannah. I first saw Hannah while jetting by her on a river in Northern BC. Her hair blew into the wind and her face was serious. Her eyes followed me as I passed by. I knew exactly who she was. The woman in the Simms catalogue with the intense stare and the enviable fishery on the Damdochax River. The fly-fishing industry is small, and the female population is even smaller. We pulled in to say hello.
It took her a sec to uncross her arms, and I watched her size me up. Yup, I’d heard about this one. Strong, hard-core and no bullshit, I must have looked like a freakin’ Barbie doll stepping out to meet her. I shook her hand and was sincere when I said, “Nice to meet you.” She smiled. Man, she had a beautiful smile! Hmmm…..she wasn’t so scary. I made a mental note to shoot her an email when I got home.
Several months later, Hannah and I were headed on a trip to the States to wail on some winter steelhead. She entertained me on the long drive with stories of life, love and, of course, steelhead. Very few people steal my heart, but I can sincerely say that Hannah did just that. The damn girl stole my heart.
Love that smile!
Her site is awesome and is great for ladies looking to network and catch up on the latest gear reviews. I highly recommend checking it out!