Thursday, June 18, 2009

Get 'Em Started Young!

Eoin Fairgrieve’s My First Trout, is a refreshing and inspiring book written to educate children about fly-fishing and the importance of the environment.
The book is aesthetically pleasing with beautiful illustrations and practical, easy to follow diagrams.  Most importantly, however, is the abundance of informative content that the author was able to fit into forty pages of large-font print.
Information on safety, fly-tying, fly-casting, knots, entomology, fish handling, trout anatomy, bird and other interesting wildlife facts, make this book not only great for the young angler, but for the beginner fly fisher as well.
(On that note, I would like to state that I highly recommend My First Trout to any aspiring fly fishers who don’t know where to begin.) Only a twenty minute read, Fairgrieve’s book is the epitome of “fly-fishing made easy”.
A personalized first page and a detailed fishing log template, makes the book even more appealing to children looking to grow into competent fly fishers alongside the inviting pages.  From it’s unique shape, to it’s clean and crisp presentation, the book is a joy from beginning to end.  It’s simple layout and informative text rank this book as one of the best beginner books that I have ever read.
Considering the future of our environment lays in the hands of our children, I am ecstatic that this author has taken a constructive step towards improvement.  Furthermore, 10% of the profit of this book is donated to the Tweedstart Angling Program (
Eoin Fairgrieve is a fully qualified casting member of the A.A.P.G.A.I. and World Team Speycasting Champion.  He is a renowned conservationist who owns a highly regarded fly fishing school in Scotland known as the Center of Excellence, where he has put through numerous pupils.