Thursday, March 15, 2012

It Happened!

When I first started Flies For Fins, it was sheer hope, faith and love that moved me forward. 
Not knowing what to expect, I feared that my fellow anglers might let me down. In a world where so many people take all they can from others, I was fearful that I'd be let down and jaded; less ambitious to move forward with charitable projects.
That was almost four years ago.
Now, with a few more years, a lot more friends, a functional website ( and a position on the board of directors with the Steelhead Society of BC, my energy and faith are stronger than ever. 
Without the support of all of you, I would never be so lucky or proud; thank you.
At Flies For Fins, we recently committed to personally raising $12,000.00 and we are officially past $10,000.00; thank you! 
Whether you have donated or purchased from us in the past 3 months, you have helped us to achieve our goal in helping our famed Thompson River steelhead.
The project has been completed and we are just waiting to raise the last couple thousand dollars before we pass this money over.
Please feel free to revisit our shop and see if any items interest you. We are adding items daily and ensure that our prices our reasonable to keep gear moving.
Thank you again for your continued loyalty and support,