Monday, March 5, 2012

Blog Post Overdue?

You know it’s been a busy year when every time you sit down to write a blog post, sheer exhaustion wipes you out as a constant (and over dramatic) reminder that there are simply too many updates to report.
Playing “catch up” is not my style; I much prefer paving new roads… granted if you don’t put your foot in the stirrup, you’ll never get back on the horse, will you? :)
That said, I think today I’ll take a ride…
2012 came fast… too fast really.
A whirlwind of people, shows, shops (thank you to all) and the best trip of my life (more to come later), a full winter steelhead season and a blessing to wake up every day with a smile; it’s been a good year so far.
Moving forward, I’m excited to share some recent photos/stories and I intend to update this page again regularly.
I’m steering this horse back on track… and tomorrow I’m riding it back to Michigan.
See you soon! Updates to follow!