Friday, May 7, 2010

Tubeology- I Can't Believe I Used to Use Straws....

In a world where diversity is a must, Tubeology has truly mastered the ever popular tube fly.
With cone heads of different weights and colors, Tubeology's tube flies are able to be adjusted quickly and easily to fish specific waters of speed, depth and color.  The tubes themselves are metal and the days of tying on Q-tip shanks and straws are over....
A variety of colors and sizes keep fly tiers entertained, all the while keeping fly fishers from having to throw away dull or damaged flies (the days of standing on the bank with a file and concentrated stare are over).
Tube flies have taken over most anglers fly boxes in British Columbia and Tubeology is a welcomed addition that makes my days at the vise just that much more enjoyable.
I have teamed up to work exclusively with Tubeology and am now offering custom flies tied with the Tubeology system.
I am beyond impressed with their product, service and materials and would recommend Tubeology to any serious fly tier whose tying preference involves tubes.
Check out their site and keep an eye open in your local shop.  Fly Gal will also be selling this system on our site, please contact us to place an order.
April's Sugar Pop Tied with the Tubeology System.