Thursday, May 13, 2010

My First Trout Contest Winner!

Wow!  How do you announce a winner for something like this?  All of your pics were great but it was Ed Davidson who got his photo in first...  Congrats Dave, your book is in the mail.
Thank you so much to everyone and keep your eyes open for some new contests coming up!
My neice, carmela, and I doing our best Forrest Gump impression a couple summers ago.  She turned 5 on monday. 
Please find attached a photo of the first fish my son caught, aged 3+1/2, his name is James.  Great blog btw!
Jonathan Tasker 
Here is a photo of my youngest daughter Maddie with her first ever trout - caught on a flyrod to boot.  She was 5 in this picture.  Sorry that the shot is blurry but dad was more excited then she was and couldn't hold the camera still.  
The brown was gladly released after explaining that it is too big for the fish-tank in her room and that it would probable eat her pet goldfish.
She was most impressed that her fingernails matched the spots on the trout.  She picked the color and painted the nails herself. 
She just turned 7 and I got her a beginners fly tying kit.  She shows a lot of promise.
Fish on.
Hello April-   My name is Eli and I live with my family in Bozeman, Montana.  Attached is a photo of my oldest daughter Taitum, tying her first fly at the age of 3. Of course she chose pink...................   Taitum loves to stay up past her bedtime tying flies with dad in her pajamas.  Also, is a picture of Taitum's first fish, a Snake River Cutthroat.  She caught the fish on her first cast ever (with a little help from dad).  As you can see she is not squeemish.  I didn't know she was touching the trout's eye until i saw the picture...pretty funny.  She loves books, especially books that have to do with fish, I am sure she would love to recieve a copy of "My First Trout".     Thanks,   Eli & Taitum
:) first Fish It s dad joy!! Thank for your blog
(Awww!  Bryan he sure is sweet!)