Friday, October 26, 2012

Dean 2012 Blog

Wow! What a fantastic year of guiding it has been... warm weather, fresh fish, great company and new friends; I could not have asked for a better season.
Some highlights of the summer:
A piece of perfection, safe and ready for release. Steve Morrow photo.
Colby, Dana, Stevie and I get comfortable in our staff cabins while taking a moment out of each day to thank our magnificent Grantham Falls view.
Our entertainment in the evenings... the fluttering wings of hummingbirds keep smiles lively and people in awe.
A small community Canada Day party brings out the truest in us all, eh?
I almost fell in laughing as Kenny hooks his hat, casts it across the river and then reels it back in. Where's the video camera when you need it?
It's scary how hard so many of us fall in love with this river... she keeps us wrapped tight around her little finger.
Dana & Stevie's, Kaleigh, and Colby cuddle into my cozy cabin.
Before guests arrive, I take the pups for a quick burner up to the snow caves.
Dangerous? Maybe... but so incredibly worth it.
High water but fishing is still hot! Steve Morrow photo.
One of my favorite guests of the season holding a magnificent fish!
When guests are set, rock statues keep the body moving!
Need I say more?
A grizzly encounter several years back leaves a mark for passerby's.
Colby and I set off to Bella Coola for the next three months.
My small guide cabin in the forest.
Caught while reeling in! I will never forget this one...
Fall is here.
Hang to dry... keep it green.
A gorgeous office.
Stevie and I take a week or two to fish for ourselves... Colby is useless on the oars.
A quick and wet release. Steve Morrow photo.
Cheers to another hot fish on the dry.
...And yet another.
Dana and the game warden Mike entertain us for an afternoon lunch.
Keeping it classy where we can.
Uh, ok maybe not so classy... two beer wenches secure the cooler and head down to the river.
Woah!!!! A pig!
A long season brings a tired April and Colby home.
Thank you to everyone for a great season!