Wednesday, September 28, 2011

C'mon Christy... Make This Right and Stop Stalling

In response to the blog post below:
To all who are looking to share their opposition on this matter (yes, even you non-residents- especially you non-residents!), please feel free to use my letter as a basis for your own or email me at for further assistance. 
Too busy to put something together? No worries... it can be as short as two or three sentences simply stating your opposition; we'll take what we can get!
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August 20th, 2011
April Vokey
Chilliwack, BC
The Honourable Christy Clark
Premier of British Columbia
Box 9041
Victoria, BC
Dear Premier Clark,
I am writing you with the intentions of expressing my disappointment and opposition regarding the proposed 2012 Shell coalbed methane drilling project in BC’s Sacred Headwaters.
As a resident born and raised in British Columbia, I have always been proud to call this province my home. 
British Columbia is world renowned for its natural beauty and its environmental consciousness. Our land leaves an impact on its visitors and they almost always find themselves coming back for more of the “BC way of life”.
My opposition to the Shell coalbed methane drilling project is not one of impulse or of haste. 
I have thoroughly reviewed the planned development and am astonished that such a proposal is still being considered viable by our government.
Though I am sure that you are aware of the details and intricacies of what is unfolding in our North, I have enclosed an article that I recently published (and will continue to publish). I hope this article will further elaborate to you why such a project has no place in our home.
Additionally, I would like to invite you to visit this majestic piece of our country and offer you a day of guided fishing with the intention of sharing the powerful impact of such wondrous terrain; an impact that is virtually impossible to understand and empathize with while sitting in a swivel chair jarred beneath a paper jammed desk.
Premier Clark, the negative impacts of this proposed development are of such devastation to an endangered and priceless resource that this particular issue is fast becoming the center of attention among conservationists, residents, outdoor enthusiasts and parents who dream of their children having the opportunity to experience what little is left of a truly untouched and unmolested piece of our heritage.
As discussion and word of this project spreads, it is inevitable that our eyes and voices are forced to turn to you, our Premier, to put a stop to this destructive proposal. For it is not only our rivers, land, fish, bears, mountain sheep and caribou that are in danger; British Columbia’s reputation, morality and cultural values tread on ice equally as thin.
I ask you this: can you honestly vouch that this is the right decision for the citizens of our country? Do you sincerely believe that this deal with Shell is right for the future of our province?
A project of this nature has never been tried or tested on such a delicate ecosystem. It has never been accepted, attempted or approved, so if you honestly feel like this decision is what’s right for all of us, I would like to hear your reasoning in support of it.
My invitation to help you to see this Northern life and land, beyond the self-serving phone calls of Royal Dutch Shell and other influences still stands. Undeniably, a truly informed and sincere decision results from having at least seen both “sides of the river”.
Please take the step to stand up for what is right; that’s what we need you for.
Ms. Clark, I look forward to hearing your thoughts on this matter and await your response,
April Vokey