Sunday, June 19, 2011

For the Men in Our Lives...

I think it's pretty safe to say that I meet a lot of men in this small world of fishing...
Men from different countries, in different age groups, with different upbringings and different opinions on fly-fishing... I meet men of all sorts.
A large percentage of these men that I meet are fathers who are quick to proudly show me photos of their little ones, or eager to introduce me to their sons and daughters.
It thrills me to see the smile that spreads across their faces as they tell me stories about their son's first fish or their daughter's first day on the river. Even our most frustrating days on the water are warmed when we reminisce about the great children in each of our lives.
It is inspiring and beautiful to watch all of you Dads... furthermore, each of you leave me with an even stronger appreciation for my own Dad; the man has put up with me for 28 years and is quite possibly the most incredible friend and fan that I have ever had.
To those of you who send me photos of your children and those of you who have your girls email me, I curse you for making my clock tick faster, but love you for the joy and wealth of knowledge that you're passing on to our youth.
Thankyou for being you, thankyou for supporting your children, and thank you for reminding me that my Dad is as incredible as he is.
Happy Father's Day!