Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Guiding on the Dean River Next Year and Want You to Join Me...

It had to be done.
had to go back to the Dean, I had to hang with my sis, I had to catch a few more steel and I absolutely had to take the job opportunity as a guide on the incredible river.
Yup, life is rough but somebody has to do it, right?  ;)
The Dean River canyon is a tough run for many fish... if you watch real close, you can see the steelhead make the jump.
So it was back on the plane and off to paradise to enjoy another couple weeks fishing for hot steelhead less than a mile from the ocean with good friend and head guide Stevie Morrow.
Short YouTube clip of the flight here.
First, I should probably explain who this animated character making funny faces and sarcastic grins is and why he's so important to the our operation...
Yup, that's Stevie for ya.  The hired comedian....
Stevie Morrow and I were friends from "back in the day".  We shared a small house on the Thompson River for several seasons and consequently have shared a "heart to heart" or two (or three or sixty)....
One day several years ago while guiding together on the Harrison River, Stevie opened up to me about how hard it was to find a good woman who understood his passion for fishing and lengthy travels.
The more he told me about the woman of his dreams (whoever she may be), the more I thought about my little sister and how she fit the description so perfectly.  I trusted Stevie and knew he'd treat her great so I schemed and trapped the two of them together for a week on the Thompson (which is just about enough to make anyone fall in love).
The rest is history....  they fell in love....  guide Stevie gets a job on the Dean River....  guide Stevie can't live without my sis and flies her up to work alongside him on the river....  sis Dana can't live without me....  and now we're all one big happy family working together on the Dean.
Guests feel the warmth as soon as they enter the lodge and hearty home cooking scents the air, engulfing hungry anglers as they come in from a full day on the water.
Hummingbirds grace hanging flower baskets and a sweet brunette graces both flowers and birds as she feeds nectar and water to the both of them.
A waterfall pours through the rock face and guests relax in the comfort of a nearby gazebo sharing drinks and stories, laughs and photos.
It's perfect.
The cabins.
I'll save the full story for later....for now, some photos of the last several weeks of August on the Dean.
Dr. Dan's no stranger here.  Nice fish Dan.
You're my hero Whit.
First buck of the season!  YouTube clip here.... (excuse the tunes, figured I'd save you from having to listen to my excited rambling.)
Greg Thomas photo. about a hardcore steelheader....yeesh.  This woman is awesome.
Finally getting Dana to the river....
The Coho in the Dean are as impressive as the steelhead.
Testing their wading skills.
A solution?
The duct tape fairy.
Cranking for the next day....
Mission accomplished.
Game Wardens in the am...nice long johns Kev.
Nearby fires smoked up the sky and as an evacuation took place in the upper river, Stevie and I took a little time to play for ourselves....
And had the pleasure of fishing with a friend or two.
Happy birthday to you!
I know there's one in here.... David Lambroughton photo.
Open spots are filling very fast for 2011.  For rates, dates and details please email me at
This is one trip you simply must try...we would love to have you as our guests for a week next July or August!
Hope to see you soon,