Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Pay It Forward Contest...

Wow, you all sent some great ideas!  Thank you....!
I will be putting many of those ideas into play for future Pay It Forward Contests.
For this particular contest however, I have to announce two "winners". 
We will be able to combine both of their ideas to hopefully help make this world just a little better.
"Hey April, What if we make short videos and upload them to Youtube? Everyone has a digital camera these days, and the quality doesn't have to be fantastic. That way everyone can see and appreciate these random acts of kindness!
Ashley Rae"
"Often in this heavy society which we all live, individuals can get bogged down by various degrees of stress. I think it would be nice if fishermen and women pledged to pay it forward by; taking one person whom they know could USE a day out fishing and inviting them along. Whether it be a friend who's fallen on hard times, a child or teenager who's parents are separating, a neighbor returning home from Iraq or Afgan, what ever it may be- I think we all know someone who could USE the pull of a trout on the end of their line.
"And if the angler catches a fish, surely then there is no man merrier than he is in his spirit" -John McDonald The Origins of Angling
Pay it forward by treating someone to a day on the river or lake.
A.J. Gotschall "
So, here's the challenge:
Take someone fishing who you know needs it REAL bad...  Ideas to try out are old folks homes, Girl/Boy scouts, youth centers, veterans, that neighbour across the street that just looks sad all  the time, your quiet co-worker who always seems to be looking down.... It's really up to you...
Try to be sensitive to the people around you and see who is looking like they may need a friend and a day away from home.  Heck, even an hour of dry casting on the grass is better than nothing.  Just show someone that you care...
Capture the moment on video and make sure that you film a piece of paper that has "Pay It Forward Contest 2010" filmed in the opening scene (even your digital camera may have a video option...try not to discredit those).   
Post the clip to YouTube (it doesn't have to be a long clip) and email me the link in an email titled "Pay It Forward Contest 2010".
We have got some incredible prizes and each will be given away accordingly.  Contest will go until August 1st, 2010.
I'm excited to see what you come up with!