Saturday, November 14, 2009

Hitting The Salt? You May Want To Hit Up Mud Dog First...

When Mike Rice of Mud Dog Saltwater Flies told me he was sending some salty flies my way I didn't give it much more than a second thought.
When a perfectly stocked and strategically organized fly box landed in my mailbox however, I was singing a different tune.
Mud Dog Resize 2
His flies were incredible!  Tied with care by a true saltwater angler, he had me itching to book a trip to the Bahamas.
I was impressed......
Mike hasn't asked for much.  A pretty low key guy who ties for fun and hangs with his two black labs, he had only one request-  Just for me to fish the hell out of his collection and slay ocean beasts until my arms were sore.
Mud Dog resize
But I just had to send a shout out to his company and say with confidence:
If you're hitting the salt, hit up Mud Dog.....You'll be thankful you did.
Thanks Mike!
Mike Rice Mud Dog Saltwater Flies cell: 781.254.4533