Sunday, September 27, 2009

Flies For Fins Finale!!! Help Me, Help You, Help The Fish!

When I first launched Fies For Fins earlier this year, the response from people was tremendous!  Flies from all around the world made their way into my mailbox and I couldn't help but feel inspired....
fff screen shot
Japan, Ireland, Oregon, Denmark, Newfoundland....You name it and there were flies sent from there!
People were kind and donated not only their flies and other cool product, but their time and best wishes as well.
Words cannot express how grateful I am to these people (even though it has kept me busier than hell!)
In fly sales alone we have made over ,000 (exact specifics to be announced when I have collected all payments from the shops). So as the steelhead season in BC's lower mainland slowed to a halt, I felt it was only fair to the shop owners to pull the FFF boards from their stores and add their remaining flies to my ever increasing stock here at home.
Aware that getting people to buy the flies may prove to be a tricky task, I've gone about it in a way that I feel anyone would be foolish to resist.....
Here's what I've done:
I have arranged all the flies into "goodybags", pre-packaged and ready to be shipped!  All proceeds from these bags go to the Steelhead Society of BC for habitat restoration and other improvements....
The goodybags are arranged into several different categories....
I have scratched my head and pondered about how I could sell off some of this unbelievable product that has been donated (for the record, we are still looking for product donations if you'd like to contribute an item).
So, after months of pondering, I think I may have finally figured it out....
I am announcing an auction!!!  A silent auction, that is....
Via Facebook!  Starting right now, I will have an active silent auction on the Fly Gal group page of Face Book!
Items will be pictured under an auction album and then the rest is up to you!  Start bidding, and the highest bet at the close of the auction will win (Oct 29th).  Again, all proceeds go to the Steelhead Society of BC.
Some of the items currently on Face Book, ready to be auctioned off are:
A Loop Classic Burgundy 811
Fish Pond Pack
Art Lingren Custom Flies
Recycled Waders Gear
Bug Slinger Apparel
Fly Gal Apparel
...and much more to come!!!
This auction and fly offer closes on October 29th.  This is a win-win-win situation and not a single helping hand goes unappreciated!
Please try to limit emails unless you are looking to donate an item for the cause (in which case I will add to the album for bidding opportunity).
If you would like to donate an item, we would love to have your help!
S&H fees may apply....
Thanks to all!
Good luck!