Friday, August 28, 2009

Mr. Wotton, Your Reputation Precedes You....

I'd heard of Davy Wotton; fly-fishing instructor, White River guide, tv personality and renowned fly tyer.
A legend in his own right, I was ecstatic when he contacted me and asked if I had a day free to hit the water.  Naturally, I took him up on his offer (twist my arm).
My GPS, notorious for taking me on the long route, had me pulling into Davy's driveway in the evening just as the sun was going down, and my stomach was rumbling for some dinner.
Davy and his lovely lady (and may I add, a fish crazy, fly-tying gem) T-Bird, Teresa VanWinkle were waiting and they were equally as hungry.
We kept conversation to a deliberate minimum and rushed to the nearest open diner to share our stories over a plate of liver and onions piled high with gravy.
Between Davy's wealth of knowledge and T-Bird's exciting stories, my head was spinning and I was itching to hit the river to try and finally land that big brown I'd been dreaming of for so long.
The night flew by as the couple's energy painted a permanent smile on my face and I eagerly anticipated the arrival of the next morning...
We couldn't wait to hook into some Mother Nature...Obviously (see below). Davy's a nature man all the way, and wrangled this creepy looking thing in the dark of the night when his equally adventurous pup cornered it.
One of the creepiest  creatures I've seen yet.....
The next day, I awoke to the friendly greeting of T-Bird and the bustling of a very busy Mr. Wotton. This was going to be awesome!
We hit the White River, and immediately hooked into some feisty rainbows.  Man, they pulled like hell!
T-Bird hit one side of the boat, while I hit the other, and together we fought for the tug of a brown trout.
Alas as soon as we got into the groove of things, the sky opened and rain poured like I had never seen before and eventually we gave in to the flooding boat and slosh of wet socks.....
A little wet, to say the least.
We hadn't seen a brown, but we'd seen an awesome day and I can't wait to hit the water with both Davy and T-Bird again.
To tell you just how great Davy is would keep me writing for days. He is beyond knowledgeable, patient and as about experienced as they get!
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