Monday, August 10, 2009

For The Fly Gals- Part 2

So, here's the way I see it.....
Websites and magazines hold regular "Women Fishing" photo contests that seem to create a larger stir amongst the male portion of the angling community than the truly dedicated female population.
I would hope that one would be able to read between the lines of my writing enough to see that the hype and immaturity of "silicone induced, bikini babes holding bait caught fish", make me gag a little every time.
Now, listen to me carefully....
I am not against silicone, nor am I against bait caught fish....What I am against are the contest entries of legitimate, hard-core, bad-ass fishing "chicks" who don't get half the credit they deserve because they're overshadowed by a model whose primary purpose in the photo was to serve as boat decor.
This said, I would like to announce a 'contest' (though it's truly more of a statement with a hoody as a bonus).
Winner receives this Fly Gal zip-up hoody in desired size.
"Contest" Description:
Send in a photo of you on the water (or of something super cool you've photographed while fishing), with a brief description of what it is, who you are, and why you're proud to be a bad-ass woman of the sport.
Photos don't need to be strictly fly-fishing related; you'll find no discrimination here to the ladies of the spoons and spinners (though, you know it's my job to try and convert you, so expect some ribbing from me).
Feel free to break away from the usual grip and grins, and don't be shy!
I'll be posting entered photos onto my blog, so please make sure you're sending a photo that you're comfortable sharing.
Contest expires August 31st, and I'll announce the winner that day.
Send photos to
Rock on ladies!
I look forward to seeing what you've got!