Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Hello Ladies....

Wow.  The “Girls just wanna have fun” song is repeating itself inside of my head.  The worst part, is that it’s singing in my head with the same scratchy nasal voice of Ms. Lauper and it’s causing me to sing along with it.
We recently had our ladies learn to fly-cast day and, my goodness, what a day it was!  In a months forecast of rain and snow, somehow myself, eight other ladies, and a little lady in training, were able to coax Mother Nature into hooking us up with some serious sunshine.
Ape teaching on a beautifully sunny day.
The day was hot, the wind was minimal, the burgers were juicy and my ladies were a riot!
Learning knots.
I always have a hard time chatting over a table to a group of fiery women who are chomping at the bits to get a fly rod in their hands.  Half an hour into theory, I notice eyes wandering and we scoot to the field to laugh with each other and intimidate the passing fishermen unfortunate enough to have to walk by us to get to the run.
Paying close attention.
It always amazes me just how quickly the female population catches on to fly-fishing.  Sometimes I sit on the sidelines with a grin on my face, proud as all hell watching them concentrate on their rod tip, and count their timing aloud.  This is why I love my job……
This is why I love my job.  Damn, they made me proud.
So four hours later, goodbyes were exchanged and hugs were given, most of them eager to return and master the double haul.  I hate seeing them leave, as the female angler in me wants so bad to establish the most kick-ass, hard-core team of female fishing buddy’s around, but I wave “so long” and just hope to be able to see them again on the water.
Keep your eyes open, there are some fierce anglers on their way to the water!